Freight Bill Audit, Rating, and Account Coding

Freight Audit
Freight Audit

McSource Technologies will Audit and/or Code your freight bills and invoices prior to payment.

With 35 years of experience we started auditing when there was the ICC and all rates were published in paper tariffs.  We have come a long way since then.

We will analyze your carrier base and develop a plan were the simple entry of a freight invoice either manually or via EDI will have all rates and charges verified.  We will ensure your carriers only charge you based on your  contracts—this includes the now important fuel surcharges.

You can also use the rate tables we create for you to budget or standardized a fixed cost per lane. Then weekly you can run compliance reports to ensure you are using the right carriers for the freight lane.

We also can supply fuel reports weekly, monthly and YTD

We can show you other customers systems and see if your company can benefit from this technology.

We also perform account coding for many customers.  We develop coding criteria and add system applications that will automatically enter each type of invoice and assign it the proper GL or cost center code.

We can build an online rating system so anyone in your company can login and check the cost of a shipment.