Document Scanning Services & Retrieval Solutions

Improve your document workflow

Document Scanning Services & online Document Retrieval

We provide document indexing services which we provide over a secure internet access for you, your team, clients & more access to view at anytime via a secure login through a customized viewing portal.

why outsource your document Scanning Services??

Improve your organizations workflow through outsoucing

Outsourcing your document scanning services to a professional scanning organization allows you improved workflow. Your business is unique and so are our solutions...

- Find what you need FAST & SECURELY from anywhere
- Different view portals for admin, customers & more
- Improve Cost Efficiency & free up office space
- Free up admin personnel from coding tasks
- Maintain documents storage forever

Industries We Serve

How does the scanning process work

Every organization has different reasons for why they would be interested in outsourcing their scanning & document retrieval services. Reach out today for a customized solution to meet your needs.

FTP transfer

Send your bulk documents to us via our secure FTP site and we will split the documents and code accordingly for you to view online - anytime, anywhere


Documents are safely and securely stored in the cloud

Your documents are all coded and indexed based off your requirements. We then cross reference this with a copy of your database so that all files can be found via multiple search options of your choosing.

Files are indexed and organized for viewing

All documents are indexed and audited for accuracy through multiple review steps to ensure that your files are found everytime