McRate – Web Based Rating Software



McRate -  This software will rate shipments for a specific company’s endorsed carriers.  It is very simple to operate.  All that it needs is the shipment date, the origin, the destination and the weight.  It will then go out and find the tariff for the lane.  This finds the undiscounted rate and determines deficit weight, etc.  It also uses the fuel surcharge percent for the given week.  Next the program looks up endorsed carriers that service this lane and applies their given discounts and minimums.  Finally, it will display the approved carriers in either total cost order (least expensive on the top) or days (the shortest delivery days on the top).

The first thing the user must do is login:

Enter the appropriate login and password.  Invalid logins are rejected, and after an extended period of time the user is requested to login again.

Once logged in the user is presented with the following input screen:

The shipment date defaults to today’s date.  You may change the date either by clicking on the calendar and changing the date or by typing in a different date.  The calendar may be scrolled backwards (use the left arrow) to select an earlier date.  This is useful to verify fuel surcharge rates for previous dates.

Origin and Destination have very powerful, yet simple, selection options.  You can enter just zip code (the fastest option), you can enter city, state (use the comma).  You may use just part of a city name (New will find any city starting with New).  This is the second fastest option.  Upon using this option you must select the desired zip code from the drop down list.  The third option is to only enter part of zip code (like 152) or part of a city (like Pitt) and a drop down list will be presented with all options.

Zip code only example above.

City, State Option Above

City only option above.

Abbreviated city above (Pitt).

Weight entered above. Notice the default sort is by Cost, Sort by Days is the other option.

After clicking the (McRate it button) the program search and sorts the carriers for this lane by cost or days (in this case days is meaningless).  The least expensive carrier is first, but notice the rules, if fragile items etc., use the next carrier.


Example above shows clicking on the web site for top carrier.

This screen shows web site of carrier after clicking on hyperlink.  Exit this window to return to McRate software.

The program has extensive error checking.  Notice the error in red.  This is showing you that the destination was not selected and the McRate button was clicked.  All fields must be selected.


For support: Call McSourcetech at 412-262-5661 and ask for Greg McVay